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Striking the relevance between two seemingly different jobs.

My military camp which then consisted of more than 100 armies would notoriously mark the worst desertion rate and suicide rate. The worried company commander appointed me as a dedicated counsellor as I had gotten relevant certificates(socialisation counselling and career development certs.) In a year that followed, the number dropped, close to zero per cent.

It was the greatest pleasure in my life to see myself in a pivotal change in both my community and those who confided in me about their concerns. And most importantly, I was mesmerised by the potential that I could even save one’s life. If ever there was a commonality between safety specialist and counsellor, that was this. I was tasked with making sure to create an environment where armies could come into contact with me when they were in dire need of help. Given all of these, I think the relevance is clear.

Establishment Challenger. Love to put groundless assumption, not always though.