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Principle & flexibility

Every decision we make results in something — whether it is positive or negative.

As we grow and time goes by, what we commonly refer to as “the learning effect” takes root somewhere in our subconsciousness and we get to see the principles(or fundamentals) of things thanks to our pattern recognition ability.

You may well argue that knowing about principles is different from sheer experiences. And yes, that is also right. But it is really hard to disagree that every learning comes with time and experience; therefore the longer you have lived, the more “crystalized” knowledge you may well have built and that is part of your principle.

One thing that we need to make sure of is that THE principles are NOT exactly applicable to all people. It is just held in people’s minds regardless of its soundness.

What the positiveness of having that in mind? It gives you a sense of foundation for your life. Every once in a while(or more often) we come across a situation that may catch you off guard. With that strong foundation though, you can always fall back on it, as it may have already become a framework of your thoughts, decision and stuff.

And at this point, it’s worth asking ourselves then what the flexibility for us is, how we exercise them in what situation.

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